The General Management of EKOREC S.A. & EKOPET SL & CERM SL (GRUPO EKOREC) assumes as Mission the achievement of contributing to a 100% circular world, committed to the environment and its sustainability, through its own industrial means and technical knowledge and as a tractor before third parties involved in the value chain, making it possible to return and reuse containers and packaging, using sustainable and environmentally friendly means.
As a consequence of this, its Vision is to be recognized as a pole of circular economy at European level that serves as an example and platform for all kinds of initiatives aimed at sustainability and circularity of the economy and consumption.


  • SUSTAINABILITY. EKOREC integrates its PET bottle recycling plant and the production of rPET Sheet and Granule within the same industrial area, reducing the carbon footprint of the entire process (our activities are circular and local). We care for and control the complete circuit starting from recycling each individual bottle to processing rPET sheets and granules that will close the circuit and become a sustainable packaging solution again.
  • FLEXIBILITY. Our facilities and machinery allow us to be flexible with our customers. We manufacture special and personalized products in small and medium batches. We offer logistics solutions for the storage of raw materials, as well as consignees for the final product. If required, we take care of comprehensive logistics with regular deliveries to the main industrial areas of Spain and Europe. We integrate operations with our clients; we recover and reuse PET sheet trimmings and offer outsourced services.
  • QUALITY. EKOREC works with the most demanding sectors such as food and beverage, automotive and medical-pharmaceutical. That is why quality is an essential value that dominates everything we do. 100% of our rPET flake and any raw material used for the transformation of plastic is reviewed by the quality and laboratory department. Our general processes and procedures, as well as our products, must be certified under the most demanding standards such as the ISO9001 Standard and the BRC Packaging Materials certification.
  • EFFORT and COMMITMENT. The company’s effort and commitment to its customers and collaborators is the result of a culture that encourages the effort and commitment of all staff, promoting continuous improvement, safety, training and personal development of all the people who form EKOREC.
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS. Profitability as a measure of long-term sustainability of the EKOREC project guides all the company’s activities, with a spirit of maximizing the performance of resources and directing them towards the quality and reliability of our products and services.

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