EKOREC S.A., located in Andoain (Basque Country), is a benchmark in Spain in circular economy of plastic, especially PET. We produce transparent and colored flakes from the post-consumer and post-industrial PET bottles. The flake is transformed into granule, chipboard and PET sheet. This material is transformed again by our customers into packaging. All this, using sustainable means, with a low carbon footprint and energy sources supplied from our own Cogeneration plant.

Our goal is to achieve quality products with food safety, we have established the following maxims to be fulfilled within our organization:

  1. Ensure the satisfaction of our customers, based on friendly treatment and extra effort in the development and distribution of our products, meeting their specifications and being responsible for our products to our customers.
  2. Comply with the legislation and regulations applicable to the organization, as well as with food and environmental safety, to supply quality and safe products and services.
  3. Establish a quality and food safety management system, in accordance with international standards such as ISO9000 and BCR Packaging, which includes the protection of the environment and the promotion of continuous improvement in a safe and sustainable environment, avoiding and attacking possible costs caused by non-compliant products.
  4. Our obligation and commitment to continuously improve the quality of our products and services, establishing effective controls to provide safe products that meet our customers’ specifications and current regulations.
  5. Provide training and means to our employees so that they actively collaborate in the development and continuous improvement of processes and, consequently, of the entire organization.
  6. Establish and continuously review objectives and goals that guarantee improvements in the Management System and Food Safety.
  7. Promote cleaning and disinfection practices in our facilities and management of waste derived from our activity that are respectful of the environment.
  8. Make available to interested parties all the information regarding the traceability of all our marketed products, as a way of demonstrating the effectiveness of our system.
  9. Promote the awareness and awareness of our staff in everything related to food safety and maintain effective plans for the development and improvement of the culture of food safety and product quality.

The Management of EKOREC S.A, as well as all the staff of the organization are aware of the importance of this policy and integrate it into their work dynamics.
This Policy will be reviewed periodically for its continuous adaptation and published for the information of the interested parties.